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How It Works

How It Works

Our whistleblowing service offers many advantages to both employer and employee:-

For employers

  • Employees can report concerns 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year by phone, email or via our web portal.
  • All calls made to SeeHearSpeakUp are free to the caller (if geographically possible).
  • All reports are sent directly to a nominated Authorised Receiver of Information within the employer organisation.
  • All calls and reports are dealt with by our experienced team of trained interviewers.
  • Where the caller is a non-English speaker, we will bring a translator onto the call.
  • We provide business cards for employees and posters for the workplace to promote the service, the phone numbers and web address.
  • We can assist with the implementation of the service and staff communication.
  • We provide annual or quarterly summaries of all reports made.
  • Call handling can be tailored to specific client and country requirements.
  • We offer case management software if required.

Clients pay an annual fee for the service which is based on the number of employees, countries operated in, languages spoken, promotional material required and assistance with implementation required. Our fee quotations are all encompassing – we do not charge extras for call charges or translation services.

For employees

  • Once you have made your free call to SeeHearSpeakUp, you are immediately connected to a qualified staff member, who will put you at ease and explain the process to you.
  • You will be reminded that the call is not being recorded and that everything you advise us of will be treated in the strictest confidence.
  • We will encourage you to divulge all of the information you have and our qualified staff will use their interviewing skills to assist.
  • You will be asked questions but the discussion will be conducted in a relaxed manner. The details of your information will be read back to you to check for accuracy.
  • We encourage you to provide your contact details which are held in the strictest confidence and not passed to your employer. We like to obtain your contact details in order for us to provide you with feedback about the action taken by your employer.
  • We understand that you may still wish to remain anonymous and this is your decision. We will advise you of any existing country specific legislation relating to your right to anonymity.
  • We provide a detailed report of your information to a nominated Authorised Receiver of Information, usually at Director/Partner level, within your organisation for investigation.
  • Where you have provided your contact details, we provide feedback in relation to your information.
  • If you choose to remain anonymous, we will issue you with a Pin Number should you require to call back with further information. This enables us to identify the original piece of information and act accordingly with any new information you may have.