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Fraud Prevention

Fraud Prevention & Investigation

Businesses' are at their most vulnerable to Fraud, Financial Misconduct, Corruption and Bribery in times of economic downturn.

The impact should never be underestimated and can have a devastating effect. The costs and damages suffered extend far beyond purely financial losses and can impact upon company reputation, monopolise management time and focus, as well as distracting staff and damaging customer loyalty.

While Fraud and wrongdoings in the workplace are inevitable aspects of the business world, there are positive steps that organisations can take to manage the ever-increasing risks and to act in an appropriate manner should fraud occur.

Organisations should be asking themselves:

  • Do we have an effective policy in place?
  • How would we react to such an instance occurring in our business?
  • Have we ever carried out a Fraud Risk Assessment?

What We Offer

Assistance with the prevention and detection of fraud, financial misconduct, corruption and bribery through our Internal Controls Review.Investigate any instance or suspected instance of fraud promptly, with a view to asset identification and recovery. Provide factual, expert reports and analysis in civil/criminal proceedings and negotiated settlements. Liaise with law enforcement, prosecution authorities and other regulatory bodies on your behalf.Assistance in the design and implementation of remedial steps and procedures to mitigate the risk of recurrence.Assistance with implementation of controls to ensure with compliance with the Bribery Act 2010. Provide in-house training to Directors and Senior Management.

Best Service

Fraud and Financial Misconduct matters demand and deserve prompt action. We can often have a Lead Investigator on-site, on the same day of the discovery of the matter, with the full investigation commencing immediately thereafter.

Once instructed as your Fraud Investigator, we tailor each investigation to fit with your requirements and you can be assured that all are conducted in a confidential, discreet and professional manner.

More Information

For more information about fraud prevention and investigation visit the Anderson Anderson & Brown LLP.