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When it comes to reporting wrongdoing in the workplace, employees are often uncertain about who to turn to or what action to take. Employees may be worried by the possibility of reprisals or that their information will not be taken seriously. A positively promoted whistleblowing service clearly supported by senior management can take away the uncertainty and allow employees to report matters safely and without worry.

Businesses expect their employees to embrace the ethical codes they aspire to operate by. It follows then that when an employee identifies a potential breach of the code they should have access to a safe and simple process by which to report the breach. An external and independent whistleblowing service provides this solution allowing an employee to report issues in a safe environment.

Why Whistleblowing?

More and more businesses are making use of whistleblowing services to identify and eradicate unethical behaviour in the workplace. Indeed, approximately three quarters of all FTSE 250 companies now have hotlines in place for use by their employees.

The benefits that a whistleblowing service can bring to your business include that it:-

  • Promotes a culture of honesty, and a zero tolerance of fraud, corruption and immoral activity amongst your workforce and business affiliates
  • Protects a business from the threat of fraud, malpractice and wrongdoing
  • Demonstrates an employer’s commitment to ethical business practice
  • Helps to ensure compliance with relevant legislation such as the UK Bribery Act
  • Upholds professional standards and good practice
  • Assists in managing risk effectively

As well as the above the employer remains in control of information and makes decisions as to how to deal with the matter reported.

Research has shown that employees are more likely to use an independent external whistleblowing service than any form of internal reporting mechanism.