The aim of this training is to raise awareness and promote knowledge and understanding amongst every employee of the importance of using the SeeHearSpeakUp whistleblowing service in order to tackle fraud, corruption, malpractice and other wrongdoing in your organisation effectively.

Your e-learning course is based on a professional and structured approach to ensure that you understand:

  • How To Raise Alerts via the SeeHearSpeakUp whistleblowing service
  • Fraud Risk
  • Bribery

At the end of each of the 3 sections you will be asked a series of questions to ensure that you have understood the content of this module. The module and the 3 short tests should take no longer than 60 minutes to complete.

IMPORTANT - To encourage effective learning, the awareness has been designed to ensure each module is completed in one sitting.  You will therefore not be able to save your progress or have the capability to go back to previous pages during any sitting.

Please select a module to begin your training.

We recommend that you complete them in order.