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See, hear and speak up

الإثنين، 20 نيسان/أبريل 2015 00:00
The UK's Public Information Disclosure Act 1998 was introduced in order to ensure there was comprehensive protection in place for employees so that they could come forward and report serious wrongdoing in their workplace, by making a 'protected disclosure', without fear of being victimised or even dismissed. Protected disclosures included disclosures such as reporting that a criminal offence had been committed, a failure to comply with statutory legislation or that…

Whistleblowing - much more than a tick box

الجمعة، 20 شباط/فبراير 2015 00:00
Most organisations today are faced with the increasing threat of internal fraud in the workplace. Employee the costs businesses across the globe billions each year. The financial losses fail to reflect the full picture of course. Business owners who suffer internal fraud often find it is the damage to their organisations reputation that is the most harmful. The vast majority of people working in businesses are honest and dedicated to…

From feast to famine - time to refocus

الجمعة، 20 شباط/فبراير 2015 00:00
We are experiencing tough times in oil and gas at the moment. The oil price is putting the squeeze on margins; projects are being put on hold, and exploration is viewed currently as an unnecessary cost, rather than a means of generating future revenues. In challenging times, many businesses focus on cost minimisation. During the feast, the emphasis may have drifted away from cost control, with the main focus being…

Fraud Prevention and Investigation Appointment

الثلاثاء، 04 تشرين2/نوفمبر 2014 00:00
Fraud Prevention and Investigation Appointment We are delighted to announce the appointment of Sean McAuley as Senior Manager within our Fraud Prevention & Investigation service line. Sean, who is a fully accredited Counter-Fraud investigation officer and Manager, joins AAB from Dundee City Council where he was the Key National Fraud Initiative contact working in their Revenues Division. Sean's career has spanned twenty-two years in local Government Departments whose remit was…

Whistleblowing and Fraud Detection

الخميس، 10 تموز/يوليو 2014 00:00
Despite the very many different cultural beliefs and nuances worldwide, it would appear that in terms of Fraud detection, whistleblowing/hotline mechanisms for organisations and their employees are the most successful the world over. Figures released in the recently published ACFE 2012 Report to the Nations, showed that information received via whistleblowing/hotline mechanisms, accounted for just over 43% of all Fraud cases detected worldwide. Africa had the highest percentage of Fraud…

Don't Ignore The Messenger

الأربعاء، 22 كانون2/يناير 2014 00:00
In a recently published report where 1000 employees with first-hand experience of whistleblowing/use of hotlines were interviewed, it was found that 600 of them received no response or feedback, either positive or negative, from their management. Any employee who has made the (sometimes difficult) decision to highlight their concerns or pass information via an internal reporting mechanism, should not be treated with such utter disregard. How likely are they to…

Whistleblowing Reforms

الثلاثاء، 04 حزيران/يونيو 2013 12:48
The Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Act 2013 takes effect from 25 June. In terms of whistleblowing/hotlines, this new piece of legislation aims to amend the protection offered to those persons who highlight their concerns and pass information. The changes involve - Invoking a public interest test with regard to qualifying diclosures; The removal of the 'good faith' requirement, from the definition of a protected disclosure; Tribunals will be empowered to…

Why Didn't We See It?

الجمعة، 01 حزيران/يونيو 2012 09:36
There was a substantial fraud in our company and we missed it. Hindsight is a wonderful thing. Conducting an enquiry after the event may show that there were many warning signs or red flags present. If only we had recognised the warning signs or knew what the red flags were, we could perhaps have prevented the fraud or considerably reduced the loss. It is simply not the case that larger…

Deferred Prosecution Agreements

الثلاثاء، 10 نيسان/أبريل 2012 10:35
Another good reason to implement SeeHearSpeakUp in your organisation… Businesses should welcome the recent announcement by the Solicitor General, where Deferred Prosecution Agreements (DPA's) are to be introduced in the UK. When an organisation comes forward and admits to 'wrong-doing', under a DPA, the organisation will pay a fine and more than likely, pay some compensation to the parties who were 'wronged'. When entering into such an agreement, the prosecuting…

Hotline Failed to Blow Whistle

الثلاثاء، 14 شباط/فبراير 2012 12:12
Another year, another instance of corporate misconduct and ethics failure. There are few smiling faces at Olympus the Japanese camera maker, after it found itself exposed to unwanted and negative international headlines when it dismissed their Chief Executive, only to see him whistle blow on events within the organisation. It is alleged that Olympus has made some excessive and dubious over-payments involving a corporate acquisition. The organisation has apparently admitted…

A Warning for Investors

الثلاثاء، 14 شباط/فبراير 2012 12:11
Given recent events, where the Serious Fraud Office won a civil recovery order against a principal shareholder of a company that had admitted corruption – is it now the time for Investors to ask probing questions on the adequate procedures in place to mitigate bribery, of the companies in which they are investing? Mabey Engineering, has agreed to pay back the £130,000 it received through share dividends derived from contracts…

An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest

الثلاثاء، 14 شباط/فبراير 2012 12:08
The Benjamin Franklin quote could not be more appropriate given the global financial crisis, austerity measures, new anti-bribery legislation and the continued threat of fraud and financial misconduct in the workplace. SeeHearSpeakUp, the unique external and independent whistleblowing/hotline service provides an easy and accessible route for employees to expose, not only unwanted practices, such as fraud, theft, financial misconduct and corruption, but matters covering health & safety, bullying, discrimination and…